An e-commerce entrepreneur cybershops for a luxurious dinner party


I've spent years waiting for directions to the information superhighway. By now that term belongs in a dinosaur museum, and I'm not waiting anymore: I'm even planning to launch my own Web site (with two partners, Arthur Halleran and Jonathan Wexler) this fall. I've come to love the Internet because in a nanosecond you can click on all the most essential and divinely unessential elements for entertaining. Food, china, flowers, party favors, Champagne, aspirin--whatever! Some of my favorite Web addresses are, a French company that sells duck and goose foie gras, and, a virtual wine shop overseen by the brilliant sommelier Peter Granoff. And I'm a big fan of, which was founded by my friend Pamela Gross and her husband, James Finkelstein. is a one-stop resource for all kinds of tasteful things for the table, such as Ruzzeti & Gow's "Bernini" shell caviar servers, and wonderful beluga, sevruga and osetra caviar from Browne Trading Company in partnership with chef Daniel Boulud of Manhattan's Daniel restaurant. The site was launched in early December and has been doing gangbuster business ever since.

best bets for e-entertaining

For a dinner in New York City, Pamela set a table, by shopping on her own Web site. She ordered beautiful "Dalia" china, from the Chinese Porcelain Company; antique English sterling silver salt and pepper shakers, circa 1900, from Guy Regal Ltd.; and chocolates purchased with a gift certificate from New York's de Granvelle Belgian Chocolatier. Morrell & Company supplied the Taylor Fladgate 40-year-old tawny port. The best part: Everything arrived within three days.

the luxe lifestyle

Pamela loves to entertain. Her idea of real luxury is being able to order whatever she wants on the Internet while hunkered down under the covers in her terry robe. You won't find Pamela out in the rain at 6 P.M., desperately seeking salt cellars hours before her guests arrive. She's not called Glamela for nothing!

Flash back to three years ago, prior to her marriage to Jimmy, (with LuxuryFinder's publisher Julie Dannenberg and Tiffany Dubin, in black, who recently left Sotheby's for Auction TV). I remember going to a summer luncheon Pamela was throwing. It was at least 100 degrees in the shade, but she was cool as a cuke in her silk sheath and sexy mules. I knew someday she'd put her talent to work, and sure enough she did.

As the executive vice president of , she hunts for wonderful buys and corrals her friends with great stores into committing to exclusive relationships. Her husband (formerly owner and publisher of The National Law Journal) runs the business side.