Prepare to be a kid again.
Credit: © PVDonuts

Long past are the days of sugar-laden '90s junk foods like Dunkaroos, Wild Berry Pop Tarts and Cosmic Brownies, right? Wrong! Though many of our favorite treats have been permanently discontinued, bakers like those at PV Donut Shop in Providence, RI have found ways to re-imagine our indulgences from childhood with delicious modern twists. From Little Debbie snacks and breakfast cereal classics to limited edition flavors and candies with cult followings, scroll down to check out some of our favorites.

Wildberry Pop Tart Doughnut

We're not entirely sure what passed as a "wild berry," but we do know that it tasted delicious. This doughnut features PV's brioche with a custom, homemade wild berry jam.

Dunkaroo Doughnut

Half the fun of Dunkaroos was the actual dunking, but we're not complaining with these Dunkaroo-glazed confections topped with sprinkles and cinnamon graham cracker crumble.

Cosmic Brownie Doughnut

Cosmic Brownies may still exist, but the idea of eating them in doughnut form sounds so much more appealing. These chocolate treats are modeled after the original, including the rainbow candy-coated chocolate chips.

Pop Rocks Doughnut

Borrowing the Wildberry Pop Tart's jam to make the icing, these bites certainly bring an epic throwback. Why aren't there more desserts made with Pop Rocks?

Fruity Pebbles Doughnut

This bad boy is filled with cereal milk, which makes it almost as authentic as the real thing. No word on whether or not you get the same grey film on the roof of your mouth after consumption.

Rice Krispies Treat Doughnut

Doughnuts are considered a breakfast food, as were Rice Krispies Treat cereal. Combine the two for a breakfast combo that rivals any Grand Slam or lumberjack option.

Moon Pies aren't exclusive to the '90s, but they certainly played a huge role in after-school snacking. This creative take on a childhood classic boasts an old-fashioned doughnut covered with graham crackers. It is then topped with marshmallow Swiss meringue and dipped in a chocolate shell. Yum!