Back in March, I blogged about Jonathan Rubinstein, the genius founder of Joe’s Coffee in Manhattan—the coffee supplier to the Late Show with David Letterman—and his prediction that the made-to-order cups of coffee at another New York City coffeeshop, Café Grumpy, might be the future of joe in NYC. The sine qua non of coffee at Grumpy, I was told, was the $9-a-cup El Salvadoran Aida’s Reserve, but they were out of it at the time. Now, for those of you who have, like me, been waiting (and saving up their spare change), Aida’s is available in extremely limited batches at Counterculture Coffee, who roast and supply coffee for Grumpy. Counterculture’s Mark Overbay has raised my expectations high: “It’s one of the most phenomenal coffees ever produced,” he says. And there’s more good news: Jonathan has been walking the streets of Brooklyn (my hood), scouting out the next location for Joe’s. Anyone who has an ideal spot in mind should stop by one of the Joe’s branches and let him know.