Credit: © John Kuczala / Getty Images

Americans love burgers regardless of how healthy they may or not be. Those are the latest findings in a survey conducted by market research firm Mintel showing that despite a continuing drop in beef consumption, Americans are still eating as many burgers as ever before thanks in part to growth in alternative burger patties.

According to Mintel, 62 percent of Americans said they literally “love” burgers – and hopefully every single one of them got a bumper sticker proclaiming their affection for taking the survey. That love of burgers is probably in part driven by another finding: that a vast majority of people believe a burger makes for a solid meal. Eighty two percent of the 1,767 adults Mintel surveyed, all of which had ordered a burger in a restaurant in the three months beforehand, said that they considered burgers to be a “good source of nutrients.” I’m guessing they are considering the pickle when making that determination, as greens, of course.

That said, Mintel Foodservice Analyst Caleb Bryant doubts that people would go so far as to consider burgers to be “healthy.” “While the majority of Americans view burgers as a good source of nutrients, this is more indicative of health concerns being a non-factor as opposed to seeing burgers as a healthy choice,” he was quoted as saying. It’s almost like the people behind the survey want to tell burger eaters, “Guys, seriously. Calm down a little.”

But also keep in mind, nowadays a love of burgers doesn’t specifically imply a love of beef. Non-beef burgers – including options like chicken and turkey burgers – have been fueling burgers continued success. “We find that the decreasing consumption of beef is not affecting consumption of burgers, driven by Americans seeking more non-beef burger options,” Bryant was quoted as saying. Forty six percent of those surveyed said they’d like to see more chicken burgers on menus, 42 percent are pining for more turkey burgers, and 34 percent would be interested in more bison/buffalo burgers. Mintel didn’t provide any numbers on what percentage of people would eat literally anything so much as it was ground up and shaped into a patty.

The big takeaway: It looks like burgers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Now let’s take a guess how Americans feel about fries…