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Updated February 13, 2015
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Hooray, you went a month without sweets! Phew, that was hard. Let’s face it: yoga and kale are wonderful, but what’s life without the much-deserved splurge? In case you need an excuse to (temporarily) fall off the wagon, here are our eight favorite cake recipes.

1. Visual Effect

Our eye-popping checkerboard cake is easier to make than it looks--think boxed cake mix and quick, homemade cream-cheese frosting.

2. Soft Landing

Wanna wow your dinner party guests in seven easy steps? Whip up these foolproof cheesecake bars with melted chocolate.

3. Power Puff

Love a pretty cupcake but have no patience for getting the frosting to look just right? Marshmallows are the trick to these cupcakes that frost themselves.

4. Easy Does It

You only need one bowl for this super simple chocolate dump cake, which is so moist and rich, it needs no frosting.

5. Size Matters

The problem with baking? Make a big batch and you’ll eat a big batch. If you don’t need two dozen of anything sugary in your house, try our just-right recipe for exactly four cupcakes. (Bonus: Here’s how to eat them the right way.)

6. Double Time

You’ll never have to choose between cookies and cake again—these cake batter cookies are a little of both.

7. Coffee Break

You usually have a coffee with your cake, so why not have coffee in your cake? It’s all possible thanks to these coffee cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

8. Chill Out

Fact: You can freeze your cake and eat it too. If you make this recipe for ice-cream cake, that is.