Apple-Butter Ice Cream with Ginger-Chocolate Ganache
Credit: David Malosh

Today, for the 25th time, it is the annual Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s. But sadly, everyone cannot participate in the joy of gratis Chunky Monkey in honor of the brand's anniversary. There are some states that completely lack Ben and Jerry’s locations and more that can only boast one (come on Mississippi!). So for those of you whose geography is preventing the fulfillment of your B&J's ice cream desires, here are eight DIY sundaes that sound like Ben & Jerry's flavors.

We know Ben and Jerry are hippies, but this could have been a huge flavor in the 80s if they called it Ronald Reagan’s Pear Down This Wall.

This could be Ice Cube’s Halvah Atcha Boy. Alright, we’re stretching now.

Butter Pecan Blondie’s Sundae or Another? That’s it. We’re done flavor naming. We’re leaving it to the professionals in Vermont.

Why aren’t all croutons made out of cake? That’s just poor planning.

The next person to say vanilla ice cream is boring only gets orange slices for dessert for a month.

Say what you want about the Germans, but the cake named after them goes great with ice cream.

These three words should only be used in this order.

To make apple butter ice cream, all you have to do is mix apple butter into ice cream. Just don't tell anyone. They will be way more impressed.