Noel Fielding is taking over hosting duties on 'The Great British Bake-Off.' 

Noel Fielding, a legendary British comedian probably best known for his sketch show The Mighty Boosh, is taking over the Great British Bake Off. A far cry from the refined, polite, classy Mary Berry, Fielding is probably best described as wacky. He's a self-styled mod, goth, glam-rock comedian, performer, and musician, who has long deserved love and admiration from American audiences. Perhaps now is his moment. But given his reputation, the internet was very confused by the choice to have him host.

To get you prepared for the new season of the show, which premieres on June 16, here are eight of Noel Fielding's strangest, most memorable and slightly dirty, comedy moments. Perpare yourself for some serious odd-ball antics; Fielding's humor is like nothing else you've seen, or heard, before.

Old Gregg

When this episode of Noel Fielding and Julian Barret's (who play the main characters, Vince Noir and Howard Moon) show The Mighty Boosh—which rocketed them to fame in the U.K.— aired, Fielding, though unrecognizable in the clip, had his first taste of viral fame across the pond. American audiences went wild for this undeniably strange and even slightly creepy scene in which a creature who lives under the sea kidnaps Howard to take him to live in his underwater lair. There's even a love song invovled.

The Hitcher

The Mighty Boosh created some catchy songs to accompany their characters, but the The Hitcher is one of the best. The eponymous evil green creature sings this short tune to warn people of his wicked intentions, after, once again, kidnapping Howard. You'd be right to be freaked out at first; Fielding is a master at combining comedy with something much more sinister.

This is Gary Numan

In the first season of The Mighty Boosh, Howard and Vince work in a zoo, and it's one of the show's running jokes that Howard is obsessed with jazz. In this scene, the pair are supposed to be transporting a troublesome bear to a new home. Howard insists on playing his "slap bass" jazz tape, much to the chagrin of both Vince and bear, who end up singing the Gary Numan song "Cars," together.

Noel and Richard bully Jimmy Carr

The Mighty Boosh isn't all Noel is known for. He's also a regular guest on the British game show, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, which gathers celebrity comedians together to quiz them on the most memorable events of the year. In this clip from The Big Fat Quiz of the Noughties, Fielding and fellow comedian Richard Ayoade, who made guest appearances on The Mighty Boosh, tease host Jimmy Carr with a classic "your mom" joke.

The goth detectives

In another infamous Big Fat Quiz appearance, Fielding teamed up with Russell Brand to cause mischief, distract the other panelists with ridiculous tangents, generally misbehave — and of course pitch a hypothtical television show in which they play goth detectives.

Noel's altnerative career path

During the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013 Fielding revealed that he actually has had some baking experience. But it was brief and fleeting, and did not end well.

Noel and Richard go on a holiday

Fielding and Ayoade teamed up again for an episode of Ayoade's tech show Gadget Man. Fielding learns how to pack, how to fly comfortably, and even manages to make a few fart jokes along the way.

The goth executive

Fielding plays a small part on the short-lived British television show The IT Crowd as Richmond, the one-time corporate executive who showed promise before discovering his dark side.