The fan-fiction turned totally inexplicable international best seller turned not-yet-rated film 50 Shades of Grey released its first trailer today. Between Jamie Dornan’s shirtless Christian Grey, Dakota Johnson’s wide-eyed Anastasia Steele and Beyoncé’s moaning rendition of “Crazy in Love” in the background, we can’t help but be…excited? Is excited the word?

Whatever our correct state of being should be after watching the trailer, it is big news, and kudos to whatever Universal executive had the sense of humor to set the release date for Valentine’s Day.

Food plays a big part in all three of the 50 Shades books. There is actually a Pinterest board devoted exclusively to cataloging, with corresponding page numbers, everything Christian and Anastasia eat and drink.

But the books also inspired a lot of home chefs to forcibly take control of the ingredients in their kitchens and create some sexy dishes. These are the best.