Forget rainbows and sunshine. Matte black beverages are the new summer drinks.

Don't think that just because the unicorn and rainbow food trend has cooled down, the summer of weird looking food is over. Far from it in fact. Enter matte black beverages. Obviously there is the deliciously dark matte black latte at Round K in New York City, but there are plenty of other drinks that come in the creepiest shade on the color wheel you should keep an eye out for this summer. Here are eight more of our favorite pitch-black drinks — from cocktails to juice — that will satisfy your inner goth.

More matte black lattes

Lattes can get that black color from several different ingredients. At Round K, baristas use coconut ash, but activated charcoal is much more common in black coffee drinks like the one at Luxe Yoga that have begun popping up on social media. Even more creative is the black latte at White Mojo in Melbourne, which get it's color from ground black sesame seeds.


This Finnish liquor is popular in Nordic countries, but might not sound too appealing to us Americans: It's a salty licorice flavored vodka, a spin on the traditional salmiakki licorice candy. In fact, in Finland, bars first started serving this spirit by simplying mixing vodka infused with bits of the licorice. It looks (and probably tastes) similar to Frenet Branca or Jagermeister — but much saltier.

Charcoal lemonade

Activated charcoal makes another appearence in this so-called healthy drink of the moment. The recipe is simple: Just lemon juice, water, and charcoal, which turns it black. The health claims of this beverage are that it supposedly helps the body "detox", although there's no medical evidence that it works.

Near-black smoothies

Okay, yes, these might look a little gross, but this smoothie doesn't actually contain any truly black ingredients. Most smoothies get this deep shade from a mix blueberries or dark green algae powder called spirulina. Some also contain activated charcoal, and with just the right toppings a black smoothie bowl can look stunningly beautiful.

CopperMuse black vodka

CooperMuse Disterilly makes their Vicieux black vodka the old fashioned way: by simply using a (FDA-approved) coloring agent.

Charcoal infused tequila

Want another way to create pitch black cocktails? Try charcoal-infused tequila.

Sesame drinks

If you're traveling around Asia, you might encounter black or dark grey drinks (sometimes with black boba floating at the bottom) made with sesame. A hot version of the sesame drink is also popular, made by toasting black sesame seeds, grinding them up into a powder, and then mixing them boiling water.

Black beers (that aren't Guiness)

Schwarzbier is a dark, nearly black lager made in Germany that takes on flavors of chocolate and coffee. Meanwhile, Sapporo's black beer has a similar notes and a supposedly hoppy "bitterness."