By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 30, 2015
Credit: Photo via CakeSpy for Serious Eats

Gooey, melty and tooth-numbingly sweet, Cadbury Eggs are everywhere right now and they will continue to be everywhere until we’ve all purchased the last of the ultra-discounted leftovers sometime in the middle of April. Not everyone wants to eat their eggs straight though. People have begun experimenting and transformed the eggs into some interesting and sometimes questionable items.

1. Crème Egg Omelets

All you need to turn Easter candy into brunch is: one Cadbury Crème Egg, a couple jelly beans and, oh yeah, one anti-griddle from polyscience.

2. Beer Eggs

Many people have tried and failed to infuse booze with crème eggs only to discover that letting half a dozen pieces of crème filled chocolate sit in a bottle of vodka for a week does not produce appetizing results. So Brazilian brewery Skol went the other way, infusing the eggs’ creamy centers with their beer.

3. Deep-Fried Crème Eggs

Easter doesn’t have much overlap with the state fair fried food circuit, but it might now thanks to Amy from Oh Bite It

4. Crème Egg Milk Shake

March has the Shamrock shake, how is it possible that April has not yet become the month of the crème egg shake?

5. Deviled Crème Eggs

Looking to add a little sophistication and copious amounts of vanilla flavoring to the passed apps at your next dinner party? Then might we recommend a dozen deviled crème eggs.

6. Crème Egg Latte

Never one to let a popular sweet go un latte-ed, Starbucks designed a Cadbury Egg blended drink that lives on their secret menu (NOTE: No Cadbury Eggs are harmed in the making of this drink)

7. Crème Egg Salad Sandwich

It might look like its from the deli, but this sandwich will mess you up on a sugar high for hours if you eat it for lunch.