Grilled Mackerel with Lardo, Avocado and Jalapeño on Toast

Avocado toast is “the most annoying food on Instagram,” according to New York magazine’s fashion blog The Cut. We respectfully disagree. Any picture of a meal tagged with “-gasm” is the most annoying food on Instagram. Avocado toast is just a simple and almost cripplingly delicious snack. But we’ve all had it with cayenne pepper and big, flaky sea salt. There are so many other ways to dress up your avocado toast. Here, some of our favorite toppings from Food & Wine and beyond.

Sriracha, Tomato and Cucumber

We’ll see your cayenne pepper and raise you some Sriracha. Blogger Allyson Fulcher also uses the sweetness of a tomato and refreshing cucumber to make this a more complete snack.

Crab-Avocado Toast


Toss the crab with lime and mint for a sweet-and-tangy avocado topper.

Grilled Mackerel, Lardo and Jalapeño


If you have never used lardo (Italian cured back fat), this will be a great way to make its acquaintance.

Maple Bacon

Serena from Domesticate Me brushes her bacon with a maple syrup–pepper combination for a sweet-and-spicy result that goes beautifully with the avocado. She also uses scrambled eggs to make it a complete meal, but if you’re looking for just a snack you can leave them off.

Curry, Lime and Mustard

If you’re getting a little bored with your avocado toast, this tangy and easy breakfast from Cooking with Luv is a great way to make yourself excited about it again.

Charred Corn and Heirloom Tomatoes


You can also switch up the bread with this one. We like pumpernickel here for a deeper, earthier flavor than whiter toasts.

Smoked Salt

One FWxer eats avocado toast every morning (without fail) and long ago she discovered that swapping out white salt for black adds the perfect amount of smokiness. At Love and Olive Oil they take that idea further, adding goat cheese for a boost in creaminess and tang.