By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 27, 2015

At some point between Elle Woods’s scantily clad bunny in Legally Blonde and Regina George’s scantilier clad bunny in Mean Girls, the line between sexy Halloween costume and porny Halloween costume became totally blurred. We are now at a point of complete saturation in which every genre of costume is now sexified. Even food costumes. We dressed as cheese when we were 11, dressed in a shapeless T-shirt with holes cut in it, but those days of innocence are over.

These are costumes that give the term food porn an entirely new meaning.


It’s red, which is how you know that it’s cooked and ready to eat. According to Chad Horstman, the CEO of Yandy, a vendor of many of the sexy Halloween costumes you see out there, including an entire line of food outfits, this is going to be the year of the sexy lobster.


There is a bite taken out of it? What does that mean? Was she attacked by a dog on the way over? That’s probably it.


This whole getup is at least as authentic as most things on the menu at Taco Bell.


As you can see, it’s special reserve.


The thing that really sells it is the corn hair clip. Without that, who can even tell what this is?


OK, it’s not technically Sriracha. Huy Fong foods clearly missed an opportunity to come onboard. But Chickracha is fine with it. Quote: “The contrasting green headband will turn heads in this costume that’s full of flavor and sass.”


Pizza is sexy enough on its own, thank you very much.