By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 14, 2015
Credit: © Dia De Campo

We know that your plans for St. Patrick’s Day weekend probably involve a heavy dose of green beer, whiskey, or quite possibly both. We also know that means you’ll probably need something to soak it all up the next day. So we scoured the country for the best St. Patty’s-themed hangover cures to line your stomach and get you feeling right. Sweet, savory, melty, meaty—there’s something guaranteed to work for everyone here.

1. Corned Beef and Cabbage Ramen – Slurping Turtle, Chicago

Top Chef Masters alum Takashi Yagihashi gives his hangover-curing ramen an Irish twist adding corned beef and cabbage to his umami-rich broth.

2. Irish Poutine – The Corner Office, Denver

House-made corned beef is topped with stout gravy, sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage and swiss in place of the traditional cheese curd.

3. Red Barley Cheesecake – The Original Dinerant, Portland, OR

If you want to pack a little more beer into your St. Patrick’s Day weekend, you can do it with this cheesecake. Chef Jereymy Intille’s red barley ale cheesecake is topped with a hop caramel and a barley merengue.

4. Corned Beef and Cabbage Nachos – Dia de Campo, Hermosa Beach, CA

Several notches above your typical Irish nachos, the slow-braised corned beef and cabbage are topped with fresh tomatoes and a heavy dusting of queso blanco.

5. St. Paddy’s Day Ball Slider – The Meatball Shop, NYC

The boys from the Meatball Shop will get you coming and going for St. Patrick’s Day. They have $2 Jameson shots, but they also have an Irish ball slider—made with corned beef, mashed potatoes and cabbage—to make sure you don’t feel too bad afterwards.

6. The Irish Goodbye – Glazed and Infused, Chicago

Chicago’s doughnut powerhouse has a whiskey-cream glazed mocha doughnut to celebrate the holiday. And after however many you had the day before you’ll probably take a dozen.

7. Guinness Cheddar Soup – Brennan’s, Houston

Riffing on the classics is fine, but sometimes you need to go traditional. Brennan’s of Houston has been around for almost five decades so they know something about tradition. Beer and cheese are perfectly balanced in this filling soup, which comes in an Irish soda bread bowl to complete the experience.