7 Sauces to Upgrade Roast Chicken

Adding sauce to your roasted chicken dish provides an extra layer of flavor.

Spice-Rubbed Roast Chicken with Two Sauces

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It’s tough to improve on a perfect, crispy-skinned roast chicken, but adding a sauce can be an excellent upgrade. Here, we've gathered roast chicken recipes that feature terrific sauces.

  • Chimichurri: This uncooked sauce blends fresh herbs and vinegar to create a bright and tangy accompaniment for marinated, roasted chicken.
  • Scallion-ginger sauce: The combination of fresh-tasting scallions and fragrant ginger makes this sauce terrifically potent. Here, it garnishes tea-smoked birds.
  • Wasakaka sauce and piri piri: This recipe features two sauces: Wasakaka is a garlicky Dominican chile sauce for fans of all things spicy; piri piri, an herb and oil sauce, gets a smoky finish from paprika.
  • Black mole: Prepared mole paste is an easy base for a super-flavorful sauce.
  • Miso gravy: Use this miso mixture first as a rub for the chicken, then reduce it with the drippings for a salty and herby gravy.
  • Cilantro-mint chutney: Cilantro, mint, jalapeño, lime juice, salt, and cumin get blended together into chutney; half is mixed with yogurt for the marinade, and the rest is served with the roasted chicken.
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