These gadgets may (or may not) up your pie game.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated: July 06, 2017
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There are lots of tips and tricks to pie baking, but sometimes it feels better to find the perfect gadget to help you achieve the best pie possible. Whether you want to make your pies better, make your baking experience easier, or maybe just add a little more personality to your pies, these tools are here to take your pie game to the next level.

The Split Decision Pie Pan

It often seems like pie flavors are way more controversial than most other foods. Some people look forward to pecan pie all year, while others think it's an affront to the very idea of food. Some people like to go for the classic apple pie, while others prefer to get a little more adventurous with their food choices. With this pie pan (seen above), you can accommodate everyone's pie preference (well, actually, just two of them) by making two different pies in the same pan.

The Sectioned Pie Pan Set

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With this pie set, you will never again have to suffer messy pie slicing and uneven portions. You bake your pie with the sectioner in it, and, when the pie has baked and cooled, you can remove the sectioner for 8 perfectly even slices.

The Chef's Choice 860 Petite Pie Maker

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With this machine, the pie pan and the oven are one and the same. It's basically like a waffle iron, but instead of cooking waffles, it makes little pies. Still want to go big? There's a full 9-inch pie version, too.

The Le Creuset Stoneware Pie Bird Funnel

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Okay, so this is adorable. You bake your pie with this little bird in it, and the bird releases steam from your pie as it bakes, allowing the crust to stay crispy and preventing the filling from getting overcooked. Plus, when it's done, it looks like the bird is hatching from your pie.

The Fox Run Pie Saver

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Never again will your leftover pie have to suffer ill-fitting storage containers. This pie-ful of 6 single-slice storage containers ensures that your leftover wedges get the treatment they deserve.

The ZEAL Silicone Pie Weights Chain

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Pie weights are basically little weights that you bake with your crust to keep it from shrinking or getting air bubbles, for people who really take their pie-baking seriously. But not all pie weights are as adorable as this bright red, heart-shaped chain, so you can literally bake your pie with love.

The Estone Cake and Pie Slicer

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This oddly-shaped kitchen gadget is perfect for getting a slice exactly the size and shape you want. It's flexible, so you can control with your grip how big or small you want the slice to be and use the silicone material's friction to lift your piece right out.