We asked chefs for smart ways to use kitchen scraps. Today's topic: vegetable and herb stems.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated May 23, 2017
Mustard Greens with Apple Cider–Dijon Dressing
Credit: © Christina Holmes

1. "I like to slice the stems from raw greens and herbs really thin (think chives) and use them like an herb to give some added flavor, freshness, and crunch to salads." Chef Josh Habiger, Pinewood Social

2. "Simmer mushroom stems with dashi and miso then puree into a soup." Chef Andrew Carmellini, Little Park

3." Put herb stems in a blender with a little jalapeño, orange, and fresh herbs and blend together to make a marinade or herb broth that can be used to cook mussels or to brighten up cooked grains." Chef Travis McShane, Adele's

4. "Use brussel sprout nubs to make a slaw or kraut." Chef Richard Blais, Juniper & Ivy

5. "Cut the stems of greens very small and then reduce them with white wine, sugar and tomatoes to make a jam." Chef Kaelin Ulrich Trilling, Bajo Sexto Taco

6. "Cook mushroom stems in a pot with onion, thyme, bay leaf and garlic. Cover with water, simmer for 1 hour, turn off heat and let sit for another hour. Strain, and you have a delicious mushroom broth as a base for a soup, sauce or a vinaigrette." Chef Jesse Shenker, Recette

7. "Take all of your leftover herb stems and put them into a bottle of white wine vinegar (or whichever vinegar you like) and let them sit there for as long as you want. It will give your vinegar some depth and personality." Chef Josh Habiger, Pinewood Social

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