From a Mai Tai en route to Hawaii to a Singapore Sling on your way to Singapore.
Hawaiian Airlines Cocktails
Credit: © Hawaiian Airlines

On any given flight, an optional cocktail can quickly become a necessity—to help you get over flying fears and turbulence, or to simply pass long hours with a delightful drink and the neck-straining nap it will surely induce. But some airlines have upped their in-flight cocktail game, offering not just beverages to get you through the flight but drinks that will help you get excited for your specific destination. Headed to Hawaii? You can sip on island-inspired cocktails on Hawaiian Airlines—paper umbrella not included. On your way to the city-state Singapore? Celebrate with a Singapore Sling on Singapore Airlines. All seven of these cocktails pair perfectly with your destination.

A Mai Tai on Hawaiian Airlines: After partnering with On The Rocks—a bottled cocktails crafter—this airline offers a variety of island-inspired boozy beverages on flights bound for Hawaii. But the tropical drink you don't want to miss is the Mai Tai, a mixture of coconut, pineapple, floral notes, and of course, a healthy splash of dark rum.

A Calimocho on Virgin America: With the help of Morgans Hotel Group, this sweet cocktail—made from the odd pairing of red wine, fizzed Coca-Cola, and a twist of lemon—is Virgin's nod to California's strong Spanish influences, and the company's state. So, we recommend you sip it on flights to Los Angeles or San Diego—and on rooftops there, too.

A Singapore Sling on Singapore Airlines: The Singapore Sling may have been created at the infamous Raffles hotel, but the combination of gin, Cointreau, and grenadine is just as delicious 30,000 feet in the air as it is in the city-state itself—especially because you can snag a Singapore Sling for free in this airline's economy class.

A Moscow Mule on United Airlines: Despite its Russian name, the Moscow Mule is an American made drink, one you can sip on United Airlines domestic flights to New York or Californian destinations—the places the drink historically took off. The airline version of the classic vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and cane sugar drink comes in a bottle made by Crafthouse Cocktails, created by mixologist Charles Joly.

An Appleton Rum Beverage on Caribbean Airlines: If you're headed for Jamaica on Caribbean Airlines, you'd better ask for a pour of Appleton rum. Served neat, on the rocks, or mixed with fruit punch or pineapple ginger, Appleton rum is produced on the island—and if you're looking for plans once you land, we can attest its production facility is worth a tour.

A Ginger Sunrise on Alaskan Airlines: Nothing can brighten a gloomy flight from Seattle to your next Alaskan destination quite like a Ginger Sunrise, this airline's twist on the more traditional Gin-Orange Buck. Made from Seattle's Sun Liquor Distillery's "Hedge Trimmer Gin," the drink is also mixed with orange juice and ginger-ale.

A Craft Beer on Frontier Airlines: OK, so beer isn't exactly a cocktail. (You can easily turn beer into a cocktail, however, with other on-flight options.) But amid many airlines that offer only big beer—think: Miller and Heineken—Frontier stands out because it serves up several craft beers made throughout Colorado on its flights to Denver including canning darlings Oskar Blues. So while you may not be able to hit up every microbrewery on your trip, you could do a flight on your flight.