The convenience store brand already works with Postmates but is testing its own delivery app.


As we reflect on the trends that defined 2017, few were as big as delivery. From fast food brands like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, to sit-down restaurants like TGI Fridays and The Cheesecake Factory, including everything from booze to ice cream to groceries, nearly everyone was either testing or expanding or at least contemplating delivery. Heck, even Pizza Hut—one of the early delivery kingpins—promised to double down on their efforts. So unsurprisingly, another big brand has announced its latest delivery push: 7-Eleven is testing a new 7-ElevenNOW app, a chance for customers to shop at the convenience store from the comfort of their smartphone.

Importantly, this new proprietary system isn’t 7-Eleven’s first foray into delivery. The well-known brand has partnered with the delivery service Postmates since 2015, allowing customers to have convenience store goods sent to their door in 35 different metro areas. However, whereas with that system, customers order through the Postmates app, with 7-ElevenNOW, the chain has streamlined the process. “Postmates is an important partner of ours in over 30 cities. They are powering the delivery component behind the 7-ElevenNOW app that we are testing in 10 stores in the Dallas market,” the company explained. “The 7-ElevenNOW app offers in-store pick-up on top of the delivery option. Customers can expect a real-time view of available inventory, deliver beer to their door or have wine prepped for pick-up, gain access to 7-Eleven promotions, and earn points on the 7Rewards customer loyalty app.”

“Today's digitally savvy consumer expects a wide range of options right at their fingertips and 7-Eleven is delivering on that promise,” said 7-Eleven Chief Digital Officer Gurmeet Singh. “We continuously ask our consumers how we can make their lives better, and 7-ElevenNOW is a proprietary solution to their on-demand needs. The app will enable our customers to get the products they want, when and where they want them, quickly and conveniently. This is redefining convenience.”

To start, 7-ElevenNOW is only being tested in the Dallas area; however, the company says the plan is to roll out the service to other U.S. locations in the quickly approaching new year.