By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 29, 2014
© Huy Fong Foods

Joyous people were no doubt kissing one another with hot sauce–covered lips to celebrate the end of the months-long Sriracha war. The AP reports that the Irwindale City Council, which had previously declared the factory a public nuisance due to spicy and sometimes painful odors, voted on Wednesday to drop the nuisance complaint. Before the sides came to an amicable solution, the battle had gotten so heated that David Tran, the owner Huy Fong Foods, the company that makes everyone’s favorite spicy condiment, threatened to move production elsewhere. A political envoy even arrived from Texas to court Tran. But following a meeting with the council on Tuesday, Tran promised he would address residents’ complaints in exchange for a dismissal of the nuisance declaration. He has already installed new filters that he says he tested with pepper spray.

So now that stability has been returned to the Sriracha world, it’s time to find a bottle of the rooster and resume putting it on everything. Here are a few ideas.

Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Sandwiches

As the old saying goes, Sriracha makes the sandwich.

French Fries with Bulgogi and Caramelized Kimchi

A big messy cross between poutine and the best nachos you’ve ever had.

Sriracha Garlic Tofu with Mint

A nice simple stir-fry with an extra kick.

Spicy Sriracha Chicken Wings

You could eat these every day until the end of next football season.

Sriracha-and-Wasabi Deviled Eggs

Don’t settle for just wasabi. Always add Sriracha.

Piquillo-Pepper Num Pangs

It might be just drizzled over the top, but the Sriracha gives these Asian sandwiches a little zip.

Sriracha Roasted Broccoli

A perfect spicy side.