By Noah Kaufman
Updated February 18, 2015
Credit: © Beard Papa

Hey, New York City Japanophiles (and those in training): Many of the foods that you love will be in one place this week, and we don't mean the East Village. Japan Week celebrates its fourth year at Vanderbilt Hall inside Grand Central Terminal with the introduction of a depachika. Depachika are elaborate food courts found in many department stores in Japan, and this one will have everything from octopus takoyaki to sweet butter sandwiches. It will also feature chefs like Ivan Orkin (Ivan Ramen) and Shigetoshi Nakamura (Ramen Lab). Access is free and open to the public starting today through Feb. 20.

Here’s more of what you can expect to eat when you stop by.

Sesame Dango

A sweet and salty dumpling filled with black sesame paste.

Beard Papa Cream Puffs

A Japanese chain that opened several outposts in the US, Beard Papa specializes in fresh cream puffs that are just the right amount of sweet.

Marusei Butter Sandwich

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sweet butter, cream cheese and raisins between two soft, buttery cookies, this is your chance.

Sticky Rice Stuffed Squid

Octopus Takoyaki

Battered octopus that’s easy to eat on the go. Perhaps the ultimate Japanese street food.

Ichiroku Tart

A sweet sponge cake-like tart with a nice citrus flavor.

Hagi No Tsuki

Small, custard-filled sponge cakes. A sort of super Twinkie.