By Farrah Shaikh
Updated June 15, 2015
© Evan Sung

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of his New York City restaurant Restaurant Marc Forgione, chef Marc Forgione put together a mysterious limited-edition tasting menu that will run through the week. Before the courses start dropping tonight, diners won't know anything about the menu except that Forgione created it while contemplating the seven deadly sins. We're not sure what the theme says about his path to success, but Forgione is definitely keeping tight-lipped about what foods he associates with sins as fun as greed and lust. For now, we got him to divulge some less sexy but seriously sinful actions he's seen in kitchens. No walk of atonement needed, but if you want tastier food, repent!

1. Overcrowding the pan. In order to get a nice sear on food, you have to leave enough room for the moisture to escape. Otherwise, it will get soggy and steam instead.

2. Playing with your meat. When you place the steak on a hot grill or pan, leave it alone until you begin to see a crust forming on the side of the steak that’s in contact with the skillet, about 3 to 4 minutes.

3. Not letting the meat rest before slicing. If you don’t let the juices redistribute inside the meat, you’ll lose all of it as soon as you cut into it.

4. Using poor-quality ingredients. You can’t make a bad ingredient taste good!

5. Underseasoning. Not seasoning your food enough will make your dishes tasteless and bland.

6. Not tasting your food. You need to taste your dish as you're making it to see what adjustments should be made so it’s balanced in flavor.

7. Overcooking. This leads to mushy vegetables and dry meat. Make sure to keep checking on your food until it’s done.