By Justine Sterling
Updated December 10, 2014
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Candy canes are cool but mint is so last century. This year, update your candy cane game with these insane flavors.

1. Bacon

These sweet and yet intriguingly meaty candies are perfect for the pork-obsessed person in your life.

2. Pickle

The best way to get your briny, dill-flavored fix this holiday.

3. Sriracha

If you’re one of the many Sriracha addicts who believe that everything is better with the vibrant red chili sauce, then these spicy candy canes are right up your fiery hot alley.

4. Gravy

Finally, a way to get more gravy in your life—no fancy gravy boats required.

5. Cinnabon

The flavor of a giant, gooey, frosted Cinnabon packed into an easy-to-eat candy cane. Every lick will transport you to a mall food court.

6. Wasabi

Clear out your sinuses with these spicy wasabi candy.

7. Birthday Cake

Remember, Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. So celebrate with a birthday cake-flavored treat.