By FWx Editors
Updated September 09, 2015
Credit: © AF archive / Alamy

Not ponytails or cotton tails—it’s DuckTales, and it’s back. Disney announced today that they would resurrect a staple of every self-respecting 30-something’s childhood Saturday morning. We’ve all done a lot of growing up since Scrooge was swimming through his pool of gold coins, and our tastes have changed a bit. We’ve gone from watching ducks to eating them. Yes, it might sound morbid to our 9-year-old selves, but if we were to eat the DuckTales characters, this is how we’d do it. Oh, and before you preheat your ovens, fire up the theme song and put it on repeat.

Scrooge McDuck – Jerk Duck

Look, he might have been the protagonist of the show, but that top hat-wearing, bifocaled billionaire was definitely a jerk.

Launchpad McQuack - Hair Dryer Duck

Launchpad is one big, happy accident. This duck is, too. Some lucky improvisation led to a new technique: using a hairdryer to dry it out and help the skin get extra crispy.

Huey, Duey and Louie - Duck Two Ways

OK, duck three ways would be better. Think of it as Louie getting off the hook. We always liked him best, anyway.

That girl seemed sweet, but she was a bit of a badass and generally packed a punch.

Like Gizmo, this confit utilizes the best technology we’ve got. In this case, that’s a sous vide cooker.

Mrs. Beakley – Duck à l’Orange

She comes from a very proper background (she was nanny to royalty after all), and nothing is more proper than duck à l’orange.

There will be no recipes forthcoming for the Beagle Boys.