By FWx Editors
Updated June 01, 2015
© M. Booth

The simple Negroni earned its place among elite cocktails decades ago. What began as simply Campari, gin and vermouth has undergone years of poking, prodding and experimentation resulting in countless delicious variations—not all of them liquid. The Negroni bug has bitten chefs, bakers and confectioners who have found lots of new and interesting ways for us to eat our Negronis, as well as drink them.

For this year’s Negroni Week, the annual celebration of the bitter cocktail that has raised over $120,000 for charity since its founding in 2013, we picked out some of our favorites.

1. Negroni Pie from Butter and Scotch, New York City
Brooklyn’s premiere dessert bar did this slightly bitter riff with a Negroni custard and orange zest whipped cream on top.

2. Negroni Popcorn from Perbacco, San Francisco
A Campari caramel and gin-spiced salt (think juniper, coriander, cardamom and licorice root) cover this ultimate bar snack.

3. Negroni Ice Cream Sandwiches from Pearl & Ash, New York City
Not to be outdone in the Negroni ice cream department, Manhattan’s Pearl & Ash sandwiches its Campari, vermouth and juniper ice cream between two thin pieces of orange-vanilla cake.

4. Negroni Fruit Roll-Up from DNV, Washington, DC
The Washington bar is serving up cocktails with a Negroni roll-up mustache as a garnish. If you want to make them yourself, check out the recipe here.

5. Negroni Ice Cream from Tipsy Scoop, New York City
Tipsy Scoop has mastered working booze into their ice cream, and for Negroni Week they added Campari, vermouth and gin to their grapefruit ice cream for a sweet, tart treat.

6. Negroni Cotton Candy from Sugar & Spun, San Francisco
If all you make is cotton candy, it'd better not just be the boring pink stuff. The Bay Area confectioners have more than two dozen flavors, including a red Negroni Week special.

Bonus: Negroni Soap from Soap Distillery, Chicago
No, you can't exactly eat it. But Negroni week is all about the complete Negroni experience, and that includes in the shower with this handmade soap with scents of sweet orange, neroli blossom, rose and fir.