By FWx Editors
Updated June 19, 2015

This week, in our first episode of "Eggheads," we took a look at whether the DOS-based food setup you enjoyed playing in “The Oregon Trail” in fourth grade was accurate. But we all know that no matter how many pounds of food you bought or what kind of rations you set yourself, the only aspect of the food anyone got excited about was hunting. And the only thing worth hunting was the buffalo. With that in mind, here are six excellent ways to prepare your Oregon Trail spoils in real life.

1. Buffalo Ribs with Tomato Glaze

Still rich, but leaner and healthier than pork or beef ribs. They might not have had the 3 hours needed to cook them to perfection out on the trail, though.

2. Buffalo Steaks with Chile-Garlic Oil

Fast and easy. You only need a little garlic, salt and pepper to add to a good steak.

3. Cured Buffalo Sirloin with Mushroom Jus

The overnight cure will keep the roast extra moist (yes, we know, you hate that word, but in this case we promise it’s what you want).

4. Buffalo Burgers with Raisin-Garlic Mayo

A tip for buffalo burger makers: Because they have so little fat, the burgers are best served rare to preserve as much flavor as possible.

5. Seared Buffalo Salad

Do meat and noodles constitute a salad? In this case we’ll just say yes.

6. Bison Meat Loaf

Buffalo is a great alternative protein for meat loaf that cuts down on fat and provides a deeper, gamier flavor.