By FWx Editors
Updated July 21, 2015

A Scottish McDonald’s manager recently revealed that the mythical “secret menu” at the Golden Arches is very real during a Reddit AMA. The manager, who went by the decidedly not fast-foody nom de plume “orchidhibiscus” said items like the “Land, Air and Sea Burger” and the “McGangbang,” made famous on sites like Hack the Menu can all be ordered. It actually doesn’t sound like that big a secret. Orchidhibiscus, said McDonald’s employees can really whip up anything at all. As long as diners describe how to make the weird items they want and then pay for all the individual components of the meal, they can have them. If that’s really the case here are some things we’ve never seen ordered but want to.

1. McBrunch

Show up at 10:28, order an Egg McMuffin. Wait two minutes until they start serving lunch. Order a Big Mac. Combine. Brunch is served.

2. Premium Bacon Ranch McRib Salad

If you are lucky enough to find a McRib in the wild, have McDonald’s put it on a salad. Meat compressed to look like a rack of ribs has never been so healthy.

3. Pancake Snack Wrap

Are there any leftover pancakes from breakfast? Ask McD’s to toss away those bland tortillas and make your Snack Wrap with a pancake. It’s a perfect mix of sweet and savory and ranch and snacking.

4. McAmerican As

Like a fast food version of the Luther. Tell the man at the register to ditch the sesame seed buns on your Big Mac and replace them with two apple pies.

5. Secret Sauce McFlurry

The savory McFlurry has, heretofore, remained woefully underrepresented on the menu.

6. McAcceptable School Lunch

Despite more nutritious school lunch guidelines, kids are literally throwing their healthy food options in the garbage. The same thing happens at McDonald’s. No one is ordering those apple slices. Ever. One way to make the fast food set actually want them? Throw them in the deep frier. Mmm. Deep fried apple slices. A dish fit for a state fair. (This is not an idea without precedent by the way)