By FWx Editors
Updated January 30, 2015

So often skins are an afterthought. Except for Hannibal Lecter, everyone wants to just peel them off and throw them out. But one eater’s trash is another’s perfect snack food. And if there is one place skins belong it is at a Super Bowl party. After wings, nachos and beer, it’s the fourth major food group. Here, six skins to try:

A change to the classic typically loaded down with cheddar, sour cream and bacon. These use tons of fresh herbs and citrus.

The Food Babe piles her sweet potatoes high with freshly made guacamole and sliced jalapeños.

The Hungry Girl blogger gets healthy with her skins and goes with loaded zucchini.

Chef Matthias Merges makes chicken skin chips that don’t need dip. Between the garlic, mustard and togarashi on top, they pack plenty of flavor on their own.

Wait, wait, wait—don’t leave. We promise this only sounds weird. The Whole Fish author Maria Finn’s recipe for transforming fish skin is a great way to get some culinary mileage out of something you would almost certainly throw away.

Momofuku’s David Chang came up with this incredibly easy, alternate version of chicharrones. Pop them in a bowl and watch them disappear.