By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 10, 2014

A Harvard Business School associate professor recently freaked out at a local Chinese restaurant when he found out that the dishes he ordered for takeout cost $1 more than prices listed on an outdated website. After published the lengthy email exchange, in which professor Ben Edelman threatens legal action against the business, the news has gone viral as a juicy case of entitled patron versus hardworking hero.

While Edelman defends himself as a protector of consumer rights, it's hard not to find the whole thing unreasonable when you consider 1. Manager Ran Duan, who runs The Baldwin Bar in the restaurant founded by his parents, remained extremely courteous and apologetic throughout the heated exchanges. 2. Edelman actually loved the food.

All in all, Sichuan Garden sounds like a pretty good neighborhood joint. Here's why:

1. Incredible customer service.

Duan personally responded to all of Edelman’s emails and promised to fulfill his every request. Imagine what he could do at your table.

2. Ran Duan makes awesome drinks—and probably needed some throughout this saga.

He ingeniously opened a cool cocktail bar in his family's old-school suburban Chinese restaurant and GQ hailed him as as “America’s Most Imaginative Bartender.”

3. The beer list is long.

They’ve got 40 craft beers on the menu. Not your typical Chinese takeout place.

4. Harvard-approved food.

He might not have been pleased about the mislabeled menu, but Edelman, who ordered from the Brookline location, admitted to that he found the food "delicious."

5. Authentic and adventurous dishes.

For those who want to push it, diners love the ox meat and tripe.

6. Reasonable prices.

We know it provoked outrage, but $14.95 for sautéed prawns with roasted chili really isn’t too bad.