F&W Chef-in-Residence Eric Ripert doesn’t drink many cocktails. But when he does, it's a Negroni. 

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

After a night on the line, most chefs have a go-to drink, from cheap beer to a house bartender’s expert cocktail. Here, star chefs reveal their favorite drinks.

F&W Chef-in-Residence Eric Ripert doesn’t drink many cocktails. “They’re not my cup of tea,” he says. “However, I like Negronis—they give you a buzz very quickly. And I guess that’s the idea of a cocktail.” Here, six Negroni variations for the next time he (or you) want to get a little buzzed, fast.

1. Classic Negroni
Jim Meehan’s standard Negroni recipe is perfectly balanced and served up.

2. Aged Negroni
Aging Negronis for a month in an oak barrel creates a deep, smooth flavor.

3. New Milano
For a more herbal cocktail, replace the Campari with Cynar and the sweet vermouth with Dimmi.

4. Tequila Negroni
Bold, agave-forward blanco tequila is delicious with Campari’s earthy flavors.

5. Riviera
This grapefruit-spiked take on a Negroni uses Aperol instead of Campari.

6. Spanish Negroni
To make a Negroni more food-friendly, spike it with nutty amontillado sherry. It’s perfect with Spanish ham.