By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 15, 2015
© Peter Werner / Alamy Stock Photo

How would you feel about eating 6,200 calories in hamburgers, pizza and cookies for the good of your fellow man? Six middle-aged guys decided to take on the challenge, eating that frighteningly unhealthy daily diet for a week as part of scientific research that looked into how obesity triggers insulin resistance.

In the study, which was led by researchers at Temple University and published in Science Translational Medicine, the participants—who were either normal weight or only slightly overweight—also had to remain in hospital beds for the duration of the study to ensure they didn’t do any physical activity. The people in this study either didn’t have jobs or thought this was an awesome way to use some of their vacation time.

Regardless, the results were not good—as you might expect. Researchers said that the men developed insulin resistance after just two to three days. “We may have found the initial events that are responsible for the insulin resistance,” Salim Merali, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia, said to Live Science.

There is good news, though. The researchers believe they actually got some useful information from the study with respect to possible treatment of people showing early signs of diabetes. Based on their findings, the team thinks the oxidative stress caused by the insane diet could be one of the biggest causes of insulin resistance; meaning antioxidant treatments could possibly fight the condition. However, they said future studies would be needed to look into this hypothesis further.

Hey, if they can schedule a future study during the opening rounds of March Madness and agree to provide me with a TV, they can sign me up.