Drink-toppers from cheeseburgers to chocolate cake.

food through straw trend
Credit: lenscap67 / Popartic / Getty Images

Sure, we'll top a milkshake with whipped cream, and maybe even a cherry if we're feeling fancy. But why should our drinks only don such traditional toppings? These photos show that all you need to do to turn something from its own food into a garnish is stick a straw through it and put it on top of your beverage. Bonus points if the food has something to do with the drink it's on top of, but hey, that's optional.

Here are six foods that have found their way onto a straw.


Let's start with the weirdest and take it from there: turns out, there's this whole trend in Japan right now where people are sticking their McDonald's hamburgers and cheeseburgers onto the straw of whatever drink they get with it. It seems kind of like it would make your burger a lot harder to eat and make your Coke get a little bit of burger in it, which sounds not ideal, but it does look kinda cool, we suppose.


At The Doughnut Bar, a doughnut-selling food truck with locations in Queensland, Australia, you can get milkshakes topped with an entire doughnut. There's a range of flavors, so you can pick the doughnut-topped milkshake that best fits your doughnut-topped milkshake needs.


Speaking of Australian sweets, at HazelBark Pâtisserie in Melbourne has been serving drinks with macarons stuck on the straws.

Pie Crust

american cherry pie frap
Credit: © Starbucks Japan

You might remember this one from last April—Starbucks Japan took the Frappuccino to the next level by topping each of the "American Cherry Pie Frappucinos" (which, ironically, we didn't get to enjoy in America) with its own mini, domed pie crust, under which was a mound of whipped cream.

Chocolate Cake

starbucks cake frap
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Just a month after the release of the American Cherry Pie Frappucino, Starbucks Japan followed it up with the "Chocolate Cake Top Frappuccino with a Matcha Shot" and the "Chocolate Cake Top Frappuccino with a Coffee Shot," which are exactly what they sound like: Frappucinos each topped with their own mini chocolate cake.


It was only a matter of time before the time-honored tradition of cookies and milk cut out the middleman and became one thing. These chocolate-cookie-topped milk bottles are so precious that they make us want to go out and do it ourselves immediately. There's even a cuter Cookie Crisp cereal-inspired version: