By Larissa Zimberoff
Updated November 11, 2014
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We live in a day and age where everything can and should be delivered right to our door including food. And for those of us who can’t be bothered to remember when it’s time to order more, the rise of the subscription service is just what we need. Here’s a rundown of some of the standouts that will masterfully curate your kitchen.


The Mantry labels itself as the “modern man’s pantry,” and their goal is to deliver manly-man products they’ve sourced from all over the country. Your monthly subscription comes packed in an actual wooden crate, so you’ll need a hammer to open it up—also manly. Inside you’ll find all manner of testosterone-friendly items like bison jerky, homemade barbecue sauce, drinking vinegars and coffee syrup. They’ve also just launched a Kickstarter for a new service that will deliver craft cocktail ingredients and simple recipes to your door because no one should have food with a good cocktail to wash it down with. The campaign has already blown away its funding goal.


Remember when everyone was posting those awesome matcha KitKat bars on Instagram? Now you can get in on the action. For only $12 a month your mouth can be puckering up in the latest in Japanese candy. Your choices range from lychee gummies, to Pokeball candy, to Pikachu gum. The famed KitKats are, of course, also included. The goods are imported from Japan but shipped from the U.S., which makes postage super cheap. Don’t want the commitment of a box? No problem, you can buy items individually.


Cheese of the month? It’s been done. Mouth is doing pickle of the month. Once you sign up for the Pickle of the Month club, the folks at Mouth will ship you a variety of pickled cucumbers – spears, slices, whole cukes, as well as a few jars of other wild and tangy produce like pickled beets, okra, garlic scapes, cherries, tomatoes, and fennel. In addition to the pickle magic Food & Wine has selected a number of Mouth’s other best items from jam to jerky that are available a la carte.


This is the delivery box for the picky snacker. You can select what snacks come in your box by rating them––love, like, or no thanks––and you can choose how often your subscription is delivered:weekly, every other week, or once a month. And, unlike so many other contracts you get into, you can modify your subscription whenever you want. So what exactly do you get in a Nibblr package? Think of it as the Trader Joe’s snack aisle on steroids. Their fruit and nut mixes come in dozens of combination from sea salt to chai coated.

Farm to People

With a focus on small-batch producers, Farm to People does all the legwork for you, tracking down unique and sustainable products that you can feel good about. You can select from two monthly options: The Casual Foodie for $29.95, which comes with 3-4 full size items, or the Food Critic for $49.95, which comes with 5-8 products like chestnut fusilli made with leftover beer hops, gooseberry achaar and almond chocolate Amaretti.

Love with Food

Love With Food will make you feel good about your snacking habit. For every box sold, they will donate a meal to a food bank. (They’ve already donated 321,587 meals.) The snack selection is impressively filled with organic and all-natural snacks like Churro Kettle Corn, Caribbean Crunch Roasted Hempseeds and Pork Clouds. And, the Love with Food box is one of the cheaper options with a monthly membership starting at $10. Bonus to these guys for offering a gluten-free box, and the ability to cancel your subscription at anytime.