By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 15, 2015
Credit: © Ed Rooney / Alamy

Everyone wants in on the food delivery app game. We’ve reached the point where sometimes it seems harder to decide how you want to order lunch than what you want to order for lunch.

Fully aware of our current technological conundrum, Forbes’s San Francisco office decided to stage an “App Battle,” hoping once and for all to determine “Who Does Food Delivery Best?” The result was a four-minute video giving you a visual peek into their delivery experience.

The six competitors covered a variety of meal options: SpoonRocket, Thistle and Sprig are companies that make and deliver their own food; Caviar, Postmates and GrubHub deliver food from local restaurants. Each brand was evaluated on speed of delivery, price and quality of food.

The results revealed a lot about how different styles of meal delivery affect your experience: “In the end, we found that the main tradeoff was between speed and [the options of] variety and quality of food,” said Forbes’s Ellen Huet. “The companies that make their own food and deliver it to you tend to be faster and a little bit more reasonably priced, whereas if you want restaurant quality and variety, you might have to wait longer and pay more because delivery fees are expensive and pickup takes time.”

For this group, it meant that SpoonRocket and Thistle came in first because they were fast and relatively inexpensive. Postmates came in last because it took well over an hour for the food to arrive and included a $12 delivery fee. That said, though the guy who ordered from Postmates had to eat alone (sad!), he described his food as “great” because he got to order from one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. So based on your priorities, you may feel differently.

The grand takeaway: Different apps offer different pros and cons. It’s just another option to weigh before making your next food ordering decision. But don’t take too long to decide or you may have to use the Hangry app.

[h/t Eater]