By FWx Editors
Updated May 01, 2014
© Dominique Ansel Bakery

A hat tip to the folks at Grub Street for defending the Emperor of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel from a recent OC Weekly piece that claims Ansel’s hungry-kid-benefiting Waffogato was actually invented in Costa Mesa, California, two years ago. As proof, there is a photo of something called the “Wafflegato”: a mix of gelato, honey, almonds, espresso and, of course, a waffle. Sure, this sounds pretty good, but we’re just as sure it is in almost no way the same as Ansel’s Waffogato. If you’ll recall, Ansel’s creation features a waffle that is actually made of ice cream and covered in maple syrup espresso. The one thing the desserts do have in common is delicious wordplay. But food puns aren’t patented. Except for Avogato. That’s our avocado affogato. No one may take that.

The Wafflegato is as similar to the Waffogato as any of these, which is to say, not that similar.

Liege Waffles

Not a Waffogato.

Cocoa-Pepper Waffle Cookies

Still not a Waffogato.

Rye-Raisin Waffle Bread

Definitely not a Waffogato.

Carrot Cake Waffle Cream Cheese Whipped Cream

Are you a Waffogato? No. No, you are not.

Waffles Rancheros

Whoa, you’re as far away from a Waffogato as possible.

Cornmeal-and-Ricotta Waffles

Nice try, cornmeal-and-ricotta waffles. You aren’t a Waffogato.

If you are wondering, this is a waffogato: