By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 14, 2014
There's real food in there.
| Credit: © iStockphoto

There are certainly plenty of gadgets that can make your camping experience a bit less rustic. But for some, planning a high-tech trip into the wilderness might defeat the purpose of getting closer to nature. Just because you’re roughing it without a heat-powered generator or a camping oven doesn’t mean you’re limited to boring oatmeal and vegetables wrapped in foil, like every other camper on Earth. These fantastic dishes can be cooked with just some cast iron and a roaring fire.


For this recipe from the Dirty Gourmet, just put everything in your Dutch oven and wait. The Dutch oven really is the Swiss Army knife of cooking vessels.


Making a perfect omelet usually requires the sort of delicacy that defeats the purpose of cooking over live fire. Enter a pot of boiling water. By mixing your omelet ingredients in a BPA–free plastic baggie and poaching it in water, you’ll be able to make softer eggs and avoid flipping pieces into the dirt. This video explains how to do it in a kitchen, but it can easily be re-created at a campsite.


OK, so you’re not actually making pastry dough, but if you wrap an uncooked, canned crescent roll around a stick and cook it over an open fire, it makes a perfect pastry shell. Fill it with pudding and it’s like you’ve got a French bakery in the middle of the woods. Click the link for the full instructions from the Bigler family.


Like some other camping recipes, this pan pizza will be easier if you bring store-bought dough with you, but the recipe from Cook, Plant, Meditate has everything you need to know to make it from scratch.


A muffin without a muffin tin? Sure, why not. This recipe uses the brilliant idea of hollowing out an orange and using it as the muffin cup. The citrus flavor added by the vessel is an extra bonus.


These skillet cookies are designed for the grill, so if your site has a grill grate, whipping them up should be no problem. Just keep them off direct heat to make sure they don’t burn on the bottom.