From ice pops to sorbet, here are the most inventive ways to get your frosé fix. 

Skylark rose ice pops
Credit: The Skylark

These days, it goes without saying that rosé is the undeniable drink of summer. Rosé during happy hour, rosé at the beach, rosé everywhere drinking is legally allowed. And while a glass of chilled, crisp (I personally prefer the dry variety) glass of pink wine is just about as good as summer drinking can get, it can also get, well, repetitive—if you're drinking as much as we are. So when frosé hit the scene two summers ago, we welcomed it with open arms. Rosé is in, frozen drinks are back (frozen Aperol spritz, anyone?). What's not like?

And this year, with summer just around the corner, we've already scouted some excellent new ways to enjoy this slushy rosé beverage. Turns out, you can put it in an ice pop, eat it with a spoon, or blend it into a tropical slushie. Here are five surprisingly fun ways to take your frosé to the next level this summer.

Frosé Your Way

Skylark frose
Credit: The Skylark

The Skylark, a rooftop bar in Midtown, is debuting its Rosé Your Way menu on May 23. The menu features a charming spin on the bar’s signature frosé (which incorporates St. Germain and cranberry juice): You now have the option of topping your slushie drink with a selection of seasonal fruits, like strawberries and blueberries, rosé gummies, or edible flowers to create a refreshing, Instagram-friendly adult beverage.


Frose colada
Credit: The Skylark

The Skylark’s Rosé Your Way menu also offers an amped-up version of rosé with a tropical twist. The Frosécolada consists of rosé blended up with the bar’s “toasted coconut colada.” Sign us up.

Frosé ice pops

Skylark rose ice pops
Credit: The Skylark

Finally, the bar is also reimagining a childhood favorite in the form of ice pops. Growing up, I ate an obscene number of Otter Pops, so Skylark’s version, made with Whispering Angel rosé? It's the grown-up version of that beloved childhood memory, perfect for an age when I now spend my summers not at camp, but under an umbrella on a sunny day.

Frosé sorbet

Jeni's Frose Sorbet
Credit: Courtesy of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Not all rosé has to get you drunk. Take Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, which makes a perfectly pink rosé sorbet that has the same crispy, fruity flavor of the wine version with the added benefit of also being a dessert. (Here are a few more of our favorite rosé ice creams.)

Hard cider slushy

Angry orchard cider slushie
Credit: Angry Orchard

Okay, this is one isn’t technically frosé but it still works, especially if you’re looking for a lighter buzz. Angry Orchard has concocted a strawberry-infused hard cider slushie, the perfect cider version of traditional frosé. Make it with rum, lime juice, sugar and strawberries. (The rosé cider also happens to be the ideal vehicle for a refreshing bowl of sangria. Angry Orchard’s version includes watermelon juice and gin. Say no more.)