Aged Gouda Fondue with Caraway Croutons
Credit: © Ryan Robert Miller

In a new ruling, the Food and Drug Administration is prohibiting cheese makers from aging their creations on wooden boards. Supposedly because the wooden boards are not “adequately cleanable.” According to the cheesemonger and author Gordon Edgar, the FDA has not had an issue with wooden boards for decades, not to mention that cheese makers have been using them for centuries. He says that without appropriate aging on wooden boards, some cheeses will lose their distinctive character, texture and flavor. What’s worse, some cheeses will cease to be available in this country entirely. Comté, for example, cannot actually be Comté without wood aging, due to name protections and production requirements. Issues over name protection are another problem entirely, but this ruling by the FDA could affect the cheeses you eat every day. So while it’s still available, here are some ways to make use of well-made cheese.

Asparagus and Aged Goat Cheese Sandwiches

Aged goat cheese instead of fresh adds a nice funky flavor.

Aged Gouda Fondue with Caraway Croutons


Creamy, melted Gouda is one of life’s unheralded pleasures.

Macaroni and Many Cheeses


An international mac with cheeses from France, Holland, Italy and right here in the USA.

Crispy Baked Kale with Gruyère


Hopefully, the government will never come for our kale.

Pimento Cheese Fries


These fries come with tequila-spiked cheese. Cheese and tequila have been around forever. How has it taken this long for someone to think of this?