Could these bread-related hacks save you time and money? 


Bread: Is it good for you or not? No one can seem to decide. One thing about bread on which we can all agree is that it is delicious. But did you also know bread is a practical life tool that can help you around the house even when it is not providing satisfaction to your stomach? It’s true! Well, maybe it is. Sure, you could always eat it – stale bread makes great breadcrumbs or pesto – but that won’t help you clean up your kitchen. Here are five supposed bread hacks to help you get the most out of your loaf.

Clean your whole house

As Country Living claims, old bread is a miracle stain remover. All you have to do is take the crust off of a slice of white or rye bread, roll it into a ball, and let the bread’s spongy texture work its magic. Apparently, the gluten in the bread absorbs dirt. Just dabbing the edible cleaning product on walls, cupboards, and countertops will remove smudges and greasy fingerprints. Fun fact, Country Living says that the original pencil eraser was bread crumbs.

Give your stale marshmallows new life

Is your stock of marshmallows going stale? No time to run to the store for a new bag? As long you have a loaf of fresh bread on hand, you have nothing to worry about. Simply take a slice of squishy bread and place it inside a plastic bag along with the wilting marshmallows. After a couple days, the marshmallows should be restored to full fluffiness, saving you money and trip to the store. (Also, if you don't have a stock of fresh marshmallows, you should.)

Remove splinters

Don’t torture yourself with a pair of unwieldy tweezers if you have a splinter or a small piece of glass stuck in your skin. Instead, wet a piece of white bread with hot water, then place the bread over the injured patch of skin. Then tie a handkerchief over the bread to hold it in place, until you feel the bread go cold. The bread should draw out the offending item by softening the surrounding skin. We would test this one, but who wants to give themselves a splinter on purpose?

Stop crying over onions

If you’re one of those people that can’t touch an onion without bursting into tears, a slice of bread is your solution. Next time you’re at the cutting board, stuff a slice of fresh white bread into your mouth, with just the end sticking out. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, and no doubt you will also look ridiculous, but the bread, it is said, should soak up the gas the onion releases as it’s being cut before it hits your eyes. Hmm...

Spruce up an old painting

Have a collection of paintings gathering dust in your house, or just want to spruce up some of your artwork? Lightly dabbing a piece of fresh bread against an oil painting can gently remove built up dirt and dust, to keep your masterpieces looking new. If there are any remaining breadcrumbs stuck to the surface of the painting, you can use a soft paint brush to brush them away. Do not try this at the Louvre!

So there you have it, five weird ways people claim you can use leftover bread to solve everyday problems. Wait, "leftover" bread? What's that?