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Pillsbury didn’t think you’d been enjoying your pizza enough so they released a recipe for a pepperoni pizza layer cake. This got us thinking that we have been thinking too inside the box with our pizza eating for too long. If pizza can be made into a cake there must be more we can do with one of the world’s greatest foods. So we asked Food and Wine test kitchen pro Kay Chun for ideas of what else we can pizza. This is what she came up with for you to try with that pizza you didn’t finish last night.

1. Pizza Lasagna

Take your favorite lasagna recipe and use pizza in place of noodles to make layers in between your meat, sauce and ricotta. You’ll get twice the sauce and twice the cheese.

2. Pizza Enchiladas

Roll your slices up, top them with extra pizza sauce and another layer of mozzarella and bake them in the oven at 350 degrees until everything is melty. You probably don’t want to try this with a Sicilian pie.

3. Pizza Burgers

Nevermind the ramen burger. Cut rounds out of your pizza and use them as buns. Just make sure you face the crust out if you don’t want messy, cheesy hands.

4. Pizza Meatballs

This is best done with pizza that’s a few days old. Pulse it into crumbs in your food processor and mix with ground meat, form balls and bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. You already have the herbs and cheese built into your breadcrumbs.

5. Pizza Tempura

Cut your pizza into strips and dredge it in a thick but smooth batter of flour mixed with cold seltzer water. Heat two inches of oil to 350 degrees in a large pot and deep fry.

Is it possible that there is anything better than fried pizza? Probably not.