Linguine with Tuna, Walnuts, Lemon, and Herbs

The Northeast is under a blizzard warning and most areas have declared a state of emergency. Hopefully we'll all get through this storm without issue, but there's some chance that we could be raiding our cupboards tomorrow, figuring out what to do with random cans of food that heretofore have been used mostly as doorstops and free weights. Before your start eating the tuna straight out of the can, here are five ridiculously easy recipes for non-perishables that keep you full and happy during the snowstorm.

Grab that box of noodles and can of tuna from the back of your pantry and quickly mix up this healthy, tasty pasta. Substitute fresh herbs with dried by reducing the amount by 1/2 and adding the herbs in while the sautéing the tuna.

A can of beans and a bag of tortilla chips become a hearty, warming, cozy blizzard dinner. Break out that great bottle of Malbec you've been saving.

You know how your fridge is 90 percent condiments? Well, here is a simple recipe that finally uses some of them.

This mixed-grain cereal will stick to your ribs. Feel free to replace the dates with dried cranberries.

You bought that can of chickpeas last year when you went through your short-lived homemade hummus kick. Finally, here’s a use for them!