By Justine Sterling
Updated July 16, 2014
Credit: © StampCollection / Alamy

It’s a big week for comics. On Tuesday, Marvel Comics announced that Thor, the Norse god/Avenger, will pass his hammer to a woman—a very fierce blond woman according to the artwork.

And today, Archie Andrews dies. The freckle-faced, redheaded lead of Archie Comics will take a bullet for Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in the comic series’ history. Archie will make the ultimate sacrifice in Life with Archie No. 36, which hits the shelves today. It should be noted that Life with Archie is a series that takes place in an alternate, more dramatic timeline that deviates from the classic Archie series.

While Archie Andrews lives on in other Archie titles, we can still salute alternate universe Archie today with five recipes inspired by his gang’s favorite hangout, Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe.

Egg Creams


This delicious egg cream starts with homemade chocolate syrup spiced with cardamom, black peppercorns and cinnamon.

French Fries


For insanely good fries, first boil the potatoes, then double-fry them.



These thin, old school–style burgers are smashed on a griddle for a deliciously crisp patty.

Onion Rings


The secret to these ethereal onion rings is aerating the batter in a siphon.

Banana Splits


Fudgy, homemade chocolate sauce takes a banana split from good to great.