From roast beef to eggplant, snowboarders seem to like to name their moves after food. 
Shaun White Flying Tomato
Credit: David Ramos/Getty Images

Think for a moment about the snowboarders you knew in high school or college: They were probably the definition of chill, easy-going, always at the coolest parties, but never took anything in life too seriously. Okay, Olympic snowboarders might be much more disciplined and dedicated to their craft than the snowboarders you knew back then, but the premise remains: These are athletes with a goofy sense of humor and a laid back attitude. I mean, just look at Red Gerard and Chloe Kim.

It makes sense, then, that the nicknames for their tricks would be some of quirkiest in the sports world, many which will probably sound nonsensical to those of us who aren’t lifelong snowboarders. Far from the stodgy musing of sports historians, most of the names come from inside jokes and off hand remarks made by teenage snowboarders for decades, according to the Wall Street Journal. And many of these trick names, as it turns out, are named after foods. You’ve got your chicken salad, your roast beef, your Canadian bacon—all impressive ways to show off your skills on the slopes, not menu items at your local diner. Here are five of our favorite tricks named after food that you might see at the Pyeongchang Olympics, as the final snowboarding events wrap up.

The chicken salad

The boarder grabs the board between his or her legs with the rear facing hand.

The roast beef

The boarder grabs the back edge of the board with his or her rear facing hand.

The Canadian bacon

The snowboarder grabs the front edge of the board, from behind.

The egg flip

The snowboarder flips over. Variations on this move include the eggplant and the McEgg.

Double McTwist

Shaun White is credited with creating this more complicated version of the McTwist. He was the first snowboarder to complete the trick at a competition, during the 2010 Winter Olympics