By FWx Editors
Updated July 28, 2014

If you’re lucky enough to work in one of those offices where gluten–free fig bars and pita chips are part of your bonus structure, save this post for the weekend. The rest of us start scavenging on weekday afternoons for something crunchy, salty or sweet. Here, five super-easy recipes for those who crave something savory.

1. Crunchy Chickpeas with Rosemary and Olive Oil

If you’ve been using chickpeas just for hummus all these years, you are missing out.

2. Baked Kale Chips

All those rumors of a kale shortage have been exaggerated. You’re in no danger of losing out on this superfood snack.

3. Sriracha–Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

We wish they would make solid pieces of Sriracha to snack on, but until they do these are a great alternative.

4. Spicy Japanese Popcorn

The only popcorn worth eating is popcorn you spice yourself.

5. Sweet Potato Chips

Once you try these you may never tear open a greasy plastic bag of sour cream and whatever chips again.