By Noah Kaufman
Updated June 05, 2015
© James Baigrie

Today is National Donut Day. While it might seem like just another in a long line of random made-up food holidays, it actually dates back to the Great Depression, when the Salvation Army used doughnuts to help raise funds and awareness of their social programs. We’ve come a long way since then, and so have the things we can do with doughnuts. No longer are we content with a simple glazed or cake; even Boston crème has gotten a bit boring. Here, five ways people are making the most of their doughnuts.

1. The Doughnut Burger

The origin of the doughnut burger remains unsettled. Paula Deen claimed she invented it as recently as 2012, but legend has it that the burger came from the smooth and sexy mind of R&B legend Luther Vandross. To this day, the burger is called the Luther. Regardless of its history, the calorie bomb has become more mainstream. There’s even a food truck devoted to nothing but doughnut burgers.

2. Bread Pudding

Doughnut bread pudding has become the standard answer to the question, “I bought two dozen Krispy Kremes but couldn’t finish them. What do I do?” If you made the mistake of loading up on too many doughnuts today, we’ll teach you how to turn them into bread pudding over here.

3. Doughnut Snickers Waffle

We knew we could count on Amy from Oh Bite It! to find something insane to do with doughnuts. She’s the one who has been frying shots (and almost everything else), and her extreme version of doughnuts involves a waffle iron and a lot of fun-size Snickers bars. As you can see, if you have a heart condition, it’s best to stay away.

4. Doughnut Lobster Rolls

The doughnut lobster roll arrived at Kane's in Boston just this spring. Though not as ubiquitous as the doughnut burger, we are firm believers that you can’t keep a good lobster roll down.

5. Doughnut Chips

Do you love bagel chips? Would you love them more if they were glazed? Then you’ve got to try doughnut chips: thinly sliced Krispy Kremes coated in cinnamon sugar and crisped up nicely.