By Larissa Zimberoff
Updated September 19, 2014
Credit: © Noah Fecks 2014

We’re going to put this out there: We love dessert and we love drinking. And in a trend we are very excited about, people are finally starting to realize how perfectly those two things go together. Sure, there have been sweet wines and after-dinner drinks forever, but now there are more creative ways to blend booze and desserts than ever before. Here are five places guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and your parched throat.

Spirited Brooklyn: This just-opened "dessert speakeasy" features alcohol-infused desserts that are, according to Kimberly Wetherell, head baker and dreamer behind Spirited Brooklyn, “a little bit naughty.” The desserts use local liquors, bitters, tonics and beers. The menu––booze-infused “Mal-O’mores,” limoncello-and-linzer cookies, chocolate-ginger gin cake, to name just a few—will easily distract you from your day job.

Prohibition Bakery: The two women behind this small bakeshop on the Lower East Side came up with their idea for tiny, boozy cupcakes at a bachelorette party. And, in yet another ingenious move, the alcohol is added after baking, so you won’t miss an iota of punch.

Sweet Revenge: If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: There are not enough menus featuring cupcake-and-wine pairings.

Tipsy Scoop: Booze-flavored ice cream can be hit or miss. Tipsy Scoop is definitely a hit, though. The best part is that, thanks to the magic of the Internet, it’s available to order everywhere in the country in almost any flavor your alcohol-loving heart desires. Some of our favorites are cake batter vodka martini, blood orange-and-Campari sorbet, and dark chocolate and salted caramel whiskey.

Butter & Scotch: Slated to open in November, Butter & Scotch will be Brooklyn’s first dessert and cocktail bar. It will feature creations from Keavy Blueher of Kumquat Cupcakery and Allison Kave of First Prize Pies, as well as a full menu of craft cocktails to match the sweets. If you can’t wait until November, you can order a s’mores pie from them right now and have your own drinks and dessert party.