Kristen Bell says she uses avocados and coconut oil on her skin. Here are other foods that are also great for beauty.

Kristen Bell Beauty Secrets
Credit: © Maarten de Boer / Getty Images

Better on you than in you? Actress Kristen Bell sure thinks so. In a recent interview with InStyle, Bell admits that she's no stranger to slathering herself in food products—all for the sake of beauty. "I've tried a lot of food on my face," she says. "I've tried moisturizing with avocado—it's messy and tasty. My at-home spa night is definitely a bath, to get indulgent, with Epsom salts, which make my muscles feel very good. And it usually ends up with a slathering of coconut oil so that I smell like a Mai Tai."

As it turns out, there are plenty of kitchen staples that are great for skincare—and you don't even have to eat them to reap the benefits. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Avocado and Honey

This simple three-ingredient face mask harnesses the high-fat all-natural skin-plumping moisture from avocados with the nourishing touch of honey and essential oils.

2. Coconut Milk

These days, it's common knowledge that organic coconut oil is good moisturizer (and even great for removing makeup!), but did you know that coconut milk, along with olive oil and honey, can be used as a hair-strengthening mask?

3. Lemon and Sugar

No need to buy expensive exfoliators when you have lemon juice, olive oil, and sugar on hand.

4. Coffee Grounds

Before throwing them away, use your leftover coffee grounds to help reduce the appearance of cellulite—the caffeine in the grounds is a natural skin-tightener and the rough texture of these DIY exfoliating bars helps stimulate circulation.

5. Watermelon

Fruit acids are a popular active ingredient in exfoliating skin creams, but acidic fruits, such as lemons, are waaaay too harsh to apply directly to your face. Instead of a sour fruit, try putting this watermelon mask on your face—it's a lot gentler and has plenty of moisturizing properties.