These high-end food trucks serve the best in luxury fare, from lobster to prosecco. 
Fancy food trucks
Credit: Maskot / Getty Images

People love food trucks, these days. They're convenient and cheaper than restaurants, and the owners have managed to parlay that popularity into a billion dollar business. And for good reason: They’re a no fuss, quick way to get simple, delicious meals you can hold in your hand, and there’s practically no limit to what they offer: tacos, barbecue, pizza, waffles, ice cream sandwiches – you name your favorite food, and there’s probably a food truck out there that serves it.

If you've ascended beyond the typical street food fare, you might be ready to elevate your food truck experience. Plenty of companies have sensed this turn toward gourmet street food, even developing a luxury food truck, complete with a DJ booth and an espresso machine. If you're in the mood fancy food on a budget now though, there are some gourmet food trucks out there that are ready to indulge that desire. Here are five of the best from around the world.

The Prosecco Van

The brainchild of UK based company Bubble Bros., the Prosecco Van has been running since 2015, but it’s coming to the London Pizza Festival on May 28. It’s popped up at festivals before, including Glastonbury, and will continue to make appearances throughout London this summer. Now it’s even got an accompanying prosecco-peddling bike complete with a sidecar. If you miss it at festivals (or the line is just too long), you can rent the van out for weddings and other private events.


Based in Seattle, Skillet runs out of a charming silver trailer. Their menu upgrades traditional street food cuisine. Take their fried chicken sandwich: It’s encrusted in fennel and topped with jalapeno aioli. Or their burger – a classic – which eschews simple lettuce and tomato in favor of a combination of melted blue and brie cheeses and arugula.


Concieved by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, the minds behind NoMad and Eleven Madison Park — recently named the world's best restaurant — this LA-based food truck embraces it's gourmet pedigree. The truck serves fois gras, the bacon-wrapped "Humm Dog," that's topped with black truffle, and of course Humm's Milk & Honey dessert, in soft serve form.

Mozza & Co.

This French stand specializes in two simple pleasures: Bread and cheese. The small stand features a mozzarella bar that offers four varieties, including Burrata and Bufala, loaves of focaccia and ciabatta, and crisp squares of pizza. For dessert? Try a slice of the focaccia with Nutella spread.

The Morris Truck

This grilled cheese truck in New York is deceptively simple. It may offer classic grilled cheese sandwiches, but they come in their fanciest form: with truffled cheese, herb butter, even pickled celery. And their ingredients come from only the best suppliers, like Saxleby Cheesemongers in New York, and Vermont Butter and Cheese Co.

Luke’s Lobster

Imagine the fanciest meal possible, and chances are a bright red lobster on a platter pops into your head. Luke’s Lobster managed to translate that classically gourmet meal into an on-the-go treat -- lobster rolls, served with just a touch of mayo and lemon butter. Their trucks roam around New York, and they have brick and mortar outposts throughout the city, too. At $17, the rolls still aren’t cheap, but if you can’t quite manage a luxurious sit down lobster dinner, this is the next best thing.