By Emily Tylman
Updated January 16, 2015
© Chris Court

It’s a few weeks into January, and that means two things: One, resolution season is nearly through, and two, award-show season has started. Though the Golden Globes are over, we still have, among others, the Screen Actors Guild Awards (Jan. 25), the Grammys (Feb. 8) and the Academy Awards (Feb. 22). That’s quite a few Sunday night get-togethers where you need to think of something to bring. Instead of buying a bag of chips and some dip en route, check out these recipes that taste like you put in much more effort than you really did.

1. Boiled Shrimp with Spicy Mayo.

In 15 minutes, you could make your own riff on shrimp cocktail.

© Quentin Bacon

2. Fried Parsnip Ribbons

A mix between a carrot and a potato, fried parsnips are a clever alternative to regular potato chips.

© Tina Rupp

3. Chorizo filled dates wrapped in bacon

Bacon and chorizo. Need we say more?

© Tina Rupp

4. Truffled Popcorn

A totally simple snack dressed up with truffle salt and cheese.

© Alice Gao

5. Garlic Bread “Fries” with Marinara “Ketchup”

A delicious upgrade to French fries and ketchup that only takes 20 minutes.

© Chris Court