With a recently launched collection of affordable wines, Walmart is the latest big-box store to sell its own private wine label. 

Walmart might not be the first place you think to look for a bottle of wine, but the retail giant recently launched its own branded line of wines called Winemakers Selection. No surprise, they're very affordable, going for just $11 a bottle. It's no Trader Joe’s two-buck Chuck (which retails for up to $3.99 in some states) but it's a steal nonetheless.

Walmart isn't the only big box store selling its own branded wine, either. Just this week, 7-Eleven launched a new, private label called Voyager Pint.

So, in light of these two additions to the mass-market wine scene, we've rounded up six unexpected big-box stores selling their own labels, with bottles that all retail for under $15 each.


Walmart recently launched a collection of 10 bottles called the Winemakers Selection. The wines are sourced from California, Italy, and France, and each one costs just $11. That’s a steal, especially given the fact that Nichole Simpson, a wine buyer for Walmart, says that the wine tastes more like “a $30 to $40 bottle.”


Last year, Target released a line of $5 wines called California Roots, which includes a red blend, Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Moscato. Yes Way Rosé—which became the bottle of the moment after popping up all over Instagram—also hit Target shelves earlier this year.


This German chain carries an award-winning Chianti that’s less than $10. Lidl also unveiled a line of sparkling wines this year, one of which—Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc NV—earned the Silver Outstanding award at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. That’s a high honor, but the price point might be even more enticing: It’s only $8.


Aldi’s $7 One Road Shiraz earned a gold-rating from The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge. The grocery store chain also restocked its $8 bottle of award-winning Côtes de Provence Rosé for the summer. Planning a wedding on a budget? Yesterday, Aldi unveiled it’s “Party Packages,” which lets customers in the UK customize a wine list with bottles for as little as $9 each.


If you weren't already aware, the convenience store best known for its slushy machines sells wine, and they've just launched a new wine, called Voyager Point, which retails for just $10. The chain has been selling wines since 2009, when it launched the Yosemite Road label, and last year debuted the Trojan Horse line.


Here, you'll find Kirkland Signature wines, with prices starting at just $9. Bonus? You can buy these wines even if you don't have a membership. At the 2018 PLMA 2018 International Salute to Excellence Awards, Kirkland Signature Series Stag's Leap District 2015 won the Best Quality award in the Cabernet Sauvignon category.