As you can tell, we are always in the mood for an avocado. The smooth, creamy texture, the joy of whacking the blade of your knife into the seed and twisting it out… It’s enough to get anyone hot and bothered.

But as much as we’d always love to have real avocados on hand, sometimes you just can’t find one at the market. Fortunately, there items out there that do their best to simulate an avocado experience for you. We’ll be the first to say that these are not the real thing, but they’ll do in a pinch.

Yes, avocado-cream cheese tortilla chips. The most famous avocado-flavored chip was this past winters Dorito, but if you’re willing to head to eBay for your snacks you can get these knockoffs.

From Los Angeles’ Angel City Brewing, this kölsch-style summer beer is inspired by guacamole and brewed with lime, cilantro and, yes, garlic. It will be available next month at Angel City’s avocado festival.

If you’re not someone who makes boba at home yet, you can get a whole kit and make an avocado-y tasting batch. Just mix 1 1/2 ounces of powder with 5 ounces of water, dump in your tapioca pearls and bam: Avocado boba.

We had these once in Mexico. We still don’t really know exactly what to call them. They’re sort of like Bugles mixed with Cheetos: In other words, exactly what you want when hungover on a bus from Tijuana to Puerto Vallarta. The guacamole flavor is hands down the best of the bunch.

There are plenty of recipes for homemade avocado ice cream out there, but Magnolia ice cream from the Philippines is one of the few premade avo ice creams available. They even have a convenient store locator to help you find out where Magnolia is sold in your area so you can pick up a pint of the green stuff.